250g whole bean coffee San Luis - El Salvador Amaretto - Almond - White chocolate

250g whole bean coffee San Luis - El Salvador Amaretto - Almond - White chocolate

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This highly selected single plantation coffee comes from El Salvador and it is grown on the Balsamo Cordillera between 1250 and 1450 meters a.s.l. by the Angelucci family.
The cultivation area takes its name from the presence of balsam trees throughout the area which guarantee a great biodiversity in the plantation, creating large shady areas where the coffee grows “sheltered” from strong winds and torrential rains. The volcanic soil guarantees excellent mineral nourishment to the plants.
Most of the plantation is of the bourbon variety, among the oldest but at the same time delicate varieties of the area, while in the most exposed parts there is the Pacas variety, much more resistant than the previous.
After a careful manual selection, the ripe cherries are processed according to the washed method and then sundried on large patios.
In the cup we have an interesting aromaticity linked to biscuits and dried fruit, in particular to amaretto and almond, with a very persistent aftertaste of milk chocolate; a delicate acidity gives way to sweetness and a medium body.

San Luis 250g Whole Bean Coffee quantity

Country: El Salvador
District: La libertad
Area: Cordigliera del balsamo
Finca: San Luis
Altitude (m.slm): 1250-1450
Harvesting Methods: Harvested by hand
Process: washed and sun dried
Variety: Pacas, Bourbon